First you need to buy the materials:

  1.   Tow cubic meter of extruded polystyrene from insulation materials.
  2.   6 pcs  wooden planks
  3.   6 pcs threaded screw
  4.   3 meters of fiberglass mash.
  5.    Polyurethane foam
  6.    Some hot wire machine to make a trench in polystyrene



Now the actual construction.

How to make a pontoon boat step by step

How to make a pontoon boat step by step

pontoon boat build




How to make a pontoon boat step by step


First mount of the Boat to see if everything is ok,

And it was ok 😀

Going to the lake site to test the boat.







Electrical motor 32lbs of trust.









I just finished a new controller for my electric scooter project.

The current is limited to 50Amp but it can sustain at least 80Amp.

It is also based on Mc33035 IC and it is capable to decode signal from the hall sensors.



Now i`m also building a new Go kart controller.I will use the same logic board as the scooter.

The board was designed in Eagle Cad:

The Brushless motor Controller Schematic: (command module)


I used photo resist PCB to make the circuit :




After that i used  Ferric Chloride etchant to remove all the unnecessary cooper.

And the result was :

Here is a picture of my Homemade Electric Go Kart: