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By iulian207

My name is Berca Iulian, I am now living in Netherlands, I followed the Politechnical University of Bucharest, Faculty of Electrical Engineering and i like to build things like electric cars , drones, scooters, bicycle, quadcopter,rc airplanes etc…

I am very passionate of electronics, now i’m working to improve the brushless controller and i look to build new motors and vehicles.

I`m willing to collaborate for different projects  or working in a creative company, to develop and test new technologies.

My youtube channel is on http://www.youtube.com/user/iulian207?feature=mhee

If you have any question about this constructions you can send me an e-mail at    iulian.berca@gmail.com

Have a nice day, and remember nothing is impossible.

Berca Iulian

  1. Ionel says:

    Buna ziua,

    Ai putea sa imi dai un pret pentru masina electrica Agila pe care ai facut-o?

    As fi interest sa o cumpar.

    Ionel DINU

  2. Berca Iulian says:


    Am vazut tocmai acum mesajul de pe site.
    Daca mai esti interesat de masina o dau cu 4700 de euro fara baterii. este loc destul pentru niste baterii cu plumb care nu sunt mai scumpe de 1500 de euro pt. 60-70km autonomie, sau daca vrei litiu sunt ceva mai scumpe.

  3. horia cristian says:

    Buna ziua, am gasit , cu placuta supriza, site-ul si filmele de pe youtube. De ceva vreme caut informatii despre conversia unui smart.
    Sunt foarte interesat de proiect, dar cunostintele mele tehnice nu sunt suficiente pentru a discerne informatiile de pe internet, mai ales legate de controller. In principiu pare simplu, dar in realitate sunt 1000 probleme mici.
    Puteti sa ma ajutati?
    Horia Cristian

    • Polly says:

      Pin my tail and call me a doynek, that really helped.

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  4. Phil Thomas says:

    Hi On 45Kw motor build you said 14 in parallel 0.5mm wire what was the length of them please, what size the magnets or do you have drgs for motor parts.

    Also how much difference is there in ESC for DC motors and AC 3phase

  5. Keith says:

    Hi over the last 6 months we have spent 600nz dollars on trying to get you circuit for the brushless motor to work many circuit boards have been etched and built

    The mc33035 with Ir2103 and 12×12 voltage converter
    the mosfet are nchannel Ir1405n 55v 169A

    one for each high side and one for each low side (6 in all)

    we have protected the mosfets with a diode drain to source

    ON the bench the controller works ok you can stall the motor let it go and in runs with out problems

    The motors are cyclon 500watt and under load draw 20Amps on a push bike this was tested with a bought controller by the person who gave us the motors.

    Once the motor is coupled to a push bike it runs once then will not run again

    ON checking it all ways takes out (destroys ) one or two drivers

    Thanks Keith

  6. Keith says:

    I may have put wrong email address over last 6 months etc

  7. Hi,

    please contact me as soon as possible.

    with best regards

    A. HAMID

  8. william gobbo says:

    Hi Iulian,
    I sent mail to you

    Please send me a feedback when you read it

    best regards

  9. Andrei Zmeu says:

    Am vrea sa aflu model de senzor hall CU ce numar ca sa pot procura si eu. Si un controler de care marca la volumul de 67 KW poti sami comunici

  10. Andrei Zmeu says:

    dotim un numar de contact prin telefon

  11. Catalin says:

    Ma intereseaza un controller pentru un motor cu perii (carbuni), maxim 80V/300A. Deasemenea, ma intereseaza si o pedala. Pot folosi una de la un BMW diesel (Throttle by wire) ?
    Preturi si termene de realizare/livrare.
    Va rog sa-mi trimiteti un nr de telefon pe email.

  12. Catalin says:

    Imi pare rau ca ai scos de pe site constructia motorului de 45kw. Poti sa repui postarile?

  13. Adrian C says:

    Salut, la comanda faci motoare de acest gen? Sunt interesat de un motor.

  14. mohammad hashemi says:

    dear iulian
    i have project in london UK and was very much interested in talking to yourself regarding some of your work and posible cooperation. pleas contact me

  15. Amigo Lulian, the 45 KW brushless motor, can serve me as an electric generator ?, with 220V output of 50 HZ and 60 HZ, as much as three-phase or moniphasic ?.
    This engine would run continuously for a long time, it would not heat up ?. How much battery you need to start, the idea is to generate your electricity and be autonomous.

  16. Salut domnu Iulian.
    Am văzut că faceți motoare brushless outrunner frumoase si cu eficiență bună. As vrea sa stiu daca construiți si motoare inrunner ? Deoarece eu produc edf rc in carbon si mar interesa motoare facute pe masura…. !

  17. kushal kholapurkar says:

    Hi Iulian,

    This is Kushal Kholapurkar from Nagpur India.

    We are working on electric two wheeler project.

    We need BLDC Motor Controller design with prototype for 72V, 3KW & 72V, 5KW system. Also we want to incorporate WIFI DIRECT module in drive to control from Mobile app.

    Also we need Battery charger design with prototype for Li ion battery bank of 72V, 48Ah.

    We Need Battery management System design with prototype for 72V, 48Ah.
    In this battery Bank we have 2 modules of 72V, 24Ah each inter connected.
    We are using SAMSUNG 18650 cells, 20 Series and 8 parallel configuration in each 72V, 24Ah module.

    We request you to kindly give us best possible quote for design transfer, prototypes and Technical support for the above mentioned project

    Awaiting your early reply,

    Thanks & With Best Regards,

    Kushal Kholapurkar
    Nagpur, Maharashtra, India
    +91-7798969911 (Whatsapp)

  18. Tony Blair says:

    Hi Iulian,

    Iv sent you an email about your motors very interested in what you have managed to build and interested to chat more about your projects.

  19. Tatva Desai says:

    I want to talk with you personally regarding Motor for Super Bike
    Pls can you give me your contact details or WhatsApp or mail so I can contact you for further talks
    Reply as soon as possible.

  20. prasanta kumar mohanty says:

    Pls can you give me your contact details or WhatsApp or mail so I can contact you for further talks
    Reply as soon as possible.