First you need to buy the materials:

  1.   Tow cubic meter of extruded polystyrene from insulation materials.
  2.   6 pcs  wooden planks
  3.   6 pcs threaded screw
  4.   3 meters of fiberglass mash.
  5.    Polyurethane foam
  6.    Some hot wire machine to make a trench in polystyrene



Now the actual construction.

How to make a pontoon boat step by step

How to make a pontoon boat step by step

pontoon boat build




How to make a pontoon boat step by step


First mount of the Boat to see if everything is ok,

And it was ok 😀

Going to the lake site to test the boat.







Electrical motor 32lbs of trust.








  1. Catalin says:

    Felicitarile mele domnule, pentru toate proiectele prezentate pe site. Bafta si la mai multe.

  2. Nathan says:

    Great idea. would love to do it myself. Some more details would be appreciated.

  3. laur says:

    salut Iulian faci masini electrice si pentru alti ? cam cat ar costa manopera ?
    mersi frumos pentru timpul acordat

  4. Iulian says:

    Salut.Momentan sunt prins cu un proiect in China.
    Am la vanzare Opelul Agila daca vrei, 4500 de euro, fara baterii.

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