Our new motor uses in-house made parts, with best materials.
With the help of magnetic simulation software we achieved best efficiency for this class.
We use high temperature magnets with 150 Degree Celsius limit.

Key points:


    • It can be used on electric airplanes, paraglide, large drones. It can be also used on cars or boats but with limited power, because of air not blowing on the windings.
    • Aviation grade Aluminum 7075
    • Dual winding for 120v and 240V (end user can change the coil connections).
    • Both delta and star connection possibility.
    • Large Koyo ball bearing for long life and stability.
    • High temperature high, coercively  magnets with 150 degree Celsius maximum
    • Triple coil insulation with lacquer impregnation and oven curing.
    • Motor voltage can be made in accordance with customer request.
    • 35 degree inclination spokes to push air into the coils.

Requests for quotations can be sent to iulian.berca@gmail.com.

Motor Specifications:

Power: 35Kw continuous, 60kw peak.
Nominal RPM: 2600.
Torque at 1200RPM 120Nm
Torque at 2670RPM 110Nm

Diameter 218mm
Total length: 80mm
Voltage 120 (parallel connection) or 240V series connection
Kv constant is 13 for 240v or 23 for 120v connection.
We can make any custom flange for the propeller or other mechanical connection.
Both bearings are whether sealed.
Bottom flange is 6xM6 on Ø82

Underneath you find the efficiency map of the motor.


Some pictures of the motor




  1. felix says:

    hi julian,
    just saw your 35kw motor. Again a great piece of work. congrats !!!
    Just one question: Which material type and thickness are you using for the stator laminations ?
    Is there any good material supplier in romania ? I can laser the stuff over here in germany…but transformer steel is hard to get over here for a prototype 🙂

    Thanks and greetings 🙂

  2. iulian berca says:

    In Romania there is a company who is making this laminations, and good grade.
    They only sell 1 Ton minimum.

  3. What is the weigth o this motor?
    What is the price?

  4. Leonb66 says:

    Price ?

  5. iulian 207 says:

    motor weights 12kg price is 1500euro per pcs.

  6. VIVEK says:

    Hi Iulian, I am working on developing light weight electric vehicle with in-wheel motors. I would like to know if you can provide us with an outrunner motor modified to our dimensions. please connect with us if this could be of interest to you.
    Thanks and Regards,

  7. Jelle says:

    Hello Iulian,

    congratulations on building such a massive BLDC motor. My fellows student and myself could only stare in awe at your work. I had some questions about the motor drivers, are you using the same drivers as you were using in previous projects or did you make adjustments in the schematics?

  8. Alessandro says:

    Hi, why 2000€ when from TPPower and Alibaba I can get the same Brushless motor lighter and cheaper? I’m fear about that what they say it’s false that their motor isn’t so good like they write. I’m waiting for an your answer to quiet me! I leave a link: https://m.alibaba.com/product/60661968596/Hot-Sale-MP202-80-KV28-Outrunner.html?spm=a2706.8291533.0.0.7268fdcdsjTGMo

  9. yusuf says:


    seems very efficient design.

    rotor back-iron looks like very thin, Does it saturate magnetically ?

    how do ypu prevent from saturation,


    • iulian207 says:

      Only looks, but is 6m thick where are the magnets, the bottom part is much thinner to reduce the weight.


  10. Adrian says:

    Hello Iulian,

    I am Working with the Caltech Formula SAE electric team on developing an AWD vehical with in hub motors, the power level would be lower, 35KW peak, 15KW continus, please let me know if you would be interested.

    Very Respectfully,
    Adrian Costantino

  11. RobertSum says:

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  13. GeorgeSog says:

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  14. LarryIdeaf says:

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  15. Celso says:

    Hello Iulian,

    I am working with the electric team on developing UAV vehical with motors, the power level would be, 100KW peak, 50KW continuous, please let me know if you would be interested.

    Very Respectfully,