High performance motor designed for Racing cars

Motor specifications:

Peak power 2min. 200kW,
Continuous power 150kW (with 16l/min flow rate and 45 degree C coolant)
Nominal Current: 200Arms
Peak Current: 320Arms
Nominal Speed: 7000 rpm
Max speed 8000 rpm
Voltage AC460Vrms
650Vdc BUS (battery voltage)
Max voltage: 750V dc bus
Torque continuous: 200Nm
Torque peak  400Nm 1 min.
Efficiency: >97,3%
Encoder type: Resolver, ABI, SPI, Virtual Hall   
Temp sensors: 3x NTC 10k -55 -150C range
Cooling: Water mix EthyleneGlycol,
Flow rate: 16l/min
Diametrer 287 mm
Shaft dia: 35mm
 Weight: 61kg 
Rotor core with skewed magnets to offer perfect sine wave Back EMF
Rotor slice with custom magnet shape and grade N45UH
Magnets skewing is implemented for a perfect sine-wave Back EMF, and the best efficiency possible.
New arrived tool with isolated inputs to allow to measure switching losses for each transistor. This is very important, I`m using it to fine tune the controller switching timing, and measure the switching losses.
Contrroller Vesc Based software
Torque Vs Speed combined with efficiency map
We use 0.2mm thick lamination to achieve highest efficiency on the market, above 97%.
Motor housing ready first 4 motors
Inner cooling ring being machined
Rotor for the 130kW version
Rotor flanges
Achieved efficiency even at low loads and low voltage is higher then 96%

Pre orders now from EU and USA

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    Where can we pre-order? I’m very interested!

  2. RC airplane says:

    good artticle, i like it.
    thank you