High Performance traction motor.
Permanent magnet motor 200kW
High performance permanent magnet motor
Rotor slice with custom magnet shape and grade N45UH
Magnets skewing is implemented for a perfect sine-wave Back EMF, and the best efficiency possible.
The magnet optimum skewing angle formula is :
Optimum Magnet skewing angle
 Δ α = optimum magnet skewing angle
P= nr of magnets
Z= nr. of slots.
Example for my motor 60 slot 10 pole:  Δ α = (360/20)-(360/60)= 18-6 = 6 degre skewing is ideal for zero cogging torque.
New arrived tool with isolated inputs to allow to measure switching losses for each transistor. This is very important, I`m using it to fine tune the controller switching timing, and measure the switching losses.
Contrroller Vesc Based software
Measured motor efficiency matches within 0.2% of the simulations value
Torque Vs Speed combined with efficiency map
I use 0.2mm thick lamination to achieve highest efficiency on the market, above 97,3%.
Motor housing ready first 4 motors
Inner cooling ring being machined
Custom rotor balancing mahine
Rotor flanges

200kW motor +130kW motor on the test bench

  1. Litebulb says:

    Where can we pre-order? I’m very interested!

  2. RC airplane says:

    good artticle, i like it.
    thank you

  3. Kawakami says:

    Super Very Good Motor !

  4. Dimitri says:

    Is the design available for sale?
    How can i purchase IT?

  5. Dimitri says:

    Is the design available for sale?

  6. DanMc says:

    I’d like to purchase a motor, please contact me.

  7. Marcos Rod says:

    Would be very interested in one of these

  8. Torrente says:

    Hello good afternoon.

    Is there an AFPM engine project in sight, either by the company or just to show the differences, I see projects like YASA with absurd torque, I would like to see your knowledge applied in a project like this (ex 250 kW AFPM)

    Another subject, What do you think of Yokeless engines? what is your opinion about it?

  9. Ricky Goings says:

    Hi, I am building a VTOL and would like approximate weight info on your 35KW continuous, BLDC motor. How much are they?.

  10. Hobbystar says:

    i like thae article
    it can help me

  11. Jacek says:

    Hey! What simulation software do You using. Still Femm or something else?

  12. Alex says:

    Which controller did you use that has VESC software and this much power?
    Awesome project btw!

  13. Mahesh says:

    Sir we need control of 350KW motor my whatsapp number 8320790363 che to mara whatsapp number please contact me

  14. we are developing a diesel-elctric tracion for a special vehicle, made as a serial hibrid system. The prime mover is a 400 HP diesel engine, we will connect it with two generators (or just one, double power) the same type of the wheels motors (one each side). The system’s connections are the following: the generator, connected to its motor controller, connected with the other motor controlers that will feed DC to the motors controllers of the wheels motors. Two battery packages will be used as buffer and to recover energy.
    The power are the following: 400 HP for the generator and 200 HP for each wheel’s motor.
    Could you supply the a.m material, i.e #4 motors and #4 motor controllers for our project?

  15. Vladimír says:

    Hello, I am a student how make a racing motorcycle, I have make me.motor (64kg for 300kW) never tested it.. I need to make a simple Inverter, I am not looking for extremely high efficiency I just want to put 300kW into my motor. Do you have something you can share? Some picture or schematic?
    I know Vesc and want to implement it with a IGBT modul ( FF1000R15, 1700V 500A) me power supply is 400-1000V at up to 400A.

    Thanks for your response.