High Performance traction motor.
Permanent magnet motor 200kW
High performance permanent magnet motor
Rotor slice with custom magnet shape and grade N45UH
Magnets skewing is implemented for a perfect sine-wave Back EMF, and the best efficiency possible.
The magnet optimum skewing angle formula is :
Optimum Magnet skewing angle
 Δ α = optimum magnet skewing angle
P= nr of magnets
Z= nr. of slots.
Example for my motor 60 slot 10 pole:  Δ α = (360/20)-(360/60)= 18-6 = 6 degre skewing is ideal for zero cogging torque.
New arrived tool with isolated inputs to allow to measure switching losses for each transistor. This is very important, I`m using it to fine tune the controller switching timing, and measure the switching losses.
Contrroller Vesc Based software
Measured motor efficiency matches within 0.2% of the simulations value
Torque Vs Speed combined with efficiency map
I use 0.2mm thick lamination to achieve highest efficiency on the market, above 97,3%.
Motor housing ready first 4 motors
Inner cooling ring being machined
Custom rotor balancing mahine
Rotor flanges

200kW motor +130kW motor on the test bench

  1. Litebulb says:

    Where can we pre-order? I’m very interested!

  2. RC airplane says:

    good artticle, i like it.
    thank you

  3. Kawakami says:

    Super Very Good Motor !

  4. Dimitri says:

    Is the design available for sale?
    How can i purchase IT?

  5. Dimitri says:

    Is the design available for sale?

  6. DanMc says:

    I’d like to purchase a motor, please contact me.

  7. Marcos Rod says:

    Would be very interested in one of these

  8. Torrente says:

    Hello good afternoon.

    Is there an AFPM engine project in sight, either by the company or just to show the differences, I see projects like YASA with absurd torque, I would like to see your knowledge applied in a project like this (ex 250 kW AFPM)

    Another subject, What do you think of Yokeless engines? what is your opinion about it?

  9. Ricky Goings says:

    Hi, I am building a VTOL and would like approximate weight info on your 35KW continuous, BLDC motor. How much are they?.