Our new motor uses in-house made parts, with best materials.
With the help of magnetic simulation software we achieved best efficiency for this class.
High temperature N35SH magnets where used.

Key points:

    • It can be used on electric airplanes, paraglide, large drones. It can be also used on cars or boats but with limited power, because of air not blowing on the windings.
    • Aviation grade Aluminum 7075
    • Dual winding for 120v and 240V (end user can change the coil connections).
    • Both delta and star connection possibility.
    • Tapered roller Koyo ball bearing for high radial-axial load (4800Kg), long life and stability.
    • High temperature high, coercively  magnets with 150 degree Celsius maximum
    • Triple coil insulation with lacquer impregnation and oven curing.
    • Motor voltage can be made in accordance with customer request.
    • 35 degree inclination spokes to push air into the coils.

Requests for quotations can be sent to iulian.berca@gmail.com.

Motor Specifications:

Power: 35Kw continuous, 60kw peak.
Nominal RPM: 2600.
Torque at 1200RPM 120Nm
Torque at 2670RPM 110Nm

Diameter 230mm
Total length: 95mm
Voltage 120 (parallel connection) or 240V series connection
Kv constant is 13 for 240v or 23 for 120v connection.
We can make any custom flange for the propeller or other mechanical connection.
Both bearings are whether sealed.
Bottom flange is 6xM6 on Ø82

Underneath you find the efficiency map of the motor.

Motor rendering: 

Some pictures of the motor

Video Test with the motor :