3 Phase motor controller

Posted: 10th May 2020 by iulian207 in Projects

3Phase motor controller PMSM
3 Phase motor controller for Permanent magnet Synchronous motors


Nominal Voltage 700Vdc

Current: 300 Arms

Max Efficiency 99%

The controller is using Si`C as power module making it with better efficiency than IGBT controllers.

Communication: CANbus

Safety: double independent hardware over-current protection. Monitors all phase currents, phase voltages, DC bus voltage, DC bus current, 2 stator temperature monitors, 2 base plate temperature monitors.

Generates maximum torque per amp across the full range of current and temperature by modifying the proportional and integral gains every cycle to match the direct and quadrature inductances as well as stator resistance in real time.

We are in the beta testing phase of our controller design. It is performing well and we can’t wait to release it. But we won’t release an unfinished product, so we ask for your patience. This isn’t the first high powered controller we have made, but it is the first with a Joule Motors badge on it. There is ONE opportunity for a first impression, so we will get this right. In short, we don’t know when it will be released or how much it will cost yet. When we know, we will let you know.

Motor parts arrived !