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  • Continuous power: 250kW
  • Nominal Voltage: 680Vdc
  • Peak Current: 600A
  • Continuous output current: 400Arms
  • Max Efficiency >98%
  • Weight ~ 9,5kg
  • SD card black box for controller data analysis, via CAN dongle
  • Wi-fi telemetry via CAN dongle.
  • All settings can be user customized. Hardware and software can be also customized according to the client needs.

The controller is using high end Infineon power module making it one of the best efficiency on the market.

Communication: CANbus, serial, SPI, usb for proggraming, open source software based on VESC

Safety: double independent hardware over-current protection. Monitors all phase currents, DC bus voltage, 3 base IGBT temperature monitors. Short circuit protection with gate driver level DESAT protection implemented.

Generates maximum torque per amp across the full range of current and temperature by modifying the proportional and integral gains every cycle to match the direct and quadrature inductances as well as stator resistance in real time.

Our test bench has a new isolated 16 channel 10Ms recorder to record all the parameter of both motors and controllers.

We are capable to test virtually any motor, even expand our test bench to 5000Nm and 1000Amps.

  1. Ronald Doctors says:

    Looking fwd to a release. We need at least 450 volts, 100 amps continuous. We like using Hall sensors but could change to encoder. Our motor has an almost sine wave back end.
    Great work…congrats on using siC seems to the future.

  2. fms rc plane says:

    i like the motor
    where can i buy it?

  3. i like it
    it is very good, thank you

  4. Pof Baafi says:

    Please I need 1v-700v Senseless BLDC Controller 1A-5A capability, Frequency range upto 10Khz

    can you help.

    Thank You