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By iulian207

My name is Berca Iulian, I`m from The Netherlands. I studied electrical engineering, specialty Electric Motors and Metrology.

I`m developing cutting edge motors and controllers for electric propulsion systems. I have designed and built motors with power range from 1kW to 500kW until now. On the website you can find a tiny fraction of the projects, since I can not post proprietary projects.

I have my own small CNC machine, and I was able to make several motor housings. Is a lot of work behind, much more that it seems.

As a hobby  I have built: an electric car , electric scooters, bicycles, go karts, quadcopters ,rc airplanes etc…

I am very passionate about electric motor design, motor controllers, I’m working to develop and improve the brushless controller and I’m building brushless motors for: Light Airplanes, Large drones, Electric Scooters, Electric cars, boats, Pumps and many other applications.

The new motors I`m developing are bringing high performance at a reasonable prices.

The motors are  high performance type, due to high frequency capability of materials used, careful optimized core design, optimized winding design compared with what industry is using. By being able to design as I consider optimum,  I can go in regions where big companies are behind do to old standards. In this way i will be always move faster than them, with years in advance.

My YouTube channel is on http://www.youtube.com/user/iulian207?feature=mhee

Have a nice day, and remember: nothing is impossible, with enough effort.


  1. Ionel says:

    Buna ziua,

    Ai putea sa imi dai un pret pentru masina electrica Agila pe care ai facut-o?

    As fi interest sa o cumpar.

    Ionel DINU

  2. Berca Iulian says:


    Am vazut tocmai acum mesajul de pe site.
    Daca mai esti interesat de masina o dau cu 2000 de euro fara baterii. 3000 de euro cu baterii cu litiu.
    Autonomie aproximativ 70km

  3. horia cristian says:

    Buna ziua, am gasit , cu placuta supriza, site-ul si filmele de pe youtube. De ceva vreme caut informatii despre conversia unui smart.
    Sunt foarte interesat de proiect, dar cunostintele mele tehnice nu sunt suficiente pentru a discerne informatiile de pe internet, mai ales legate de controller. In principiu pare simplu, dar in realitate sunt 1000 probleme mici.
    Puteti sa ma ajutati?
    Horia Cristian

    • Polly says:

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  4. Phil Thomas says:

    Hi On 45Kw motor build you said 14 in parallel 0.5mm wire what was the length of them please, what size the magnets or do you have drgs for motor parts.

    Also how much difference is there in ESC for DC motors and AC 3phase

  5. Keith says:

    Hi over the last 6 months we have spent 600nz dollars on trying to get you circuit for the brushless motor to work many circuit boards have been etched and built

    The mc33035 with Ir2103 and 12×12 voltage converter
    the mosfet are nchannel Ir1405n 55v 169A

    one for each high side and one for each low side (6 in all)

    we have protected the mosfets with a diode drain to source

    ON the bench the controller works ok you can stall the motor let it go and in runs with out problems

    The motors are cyclon 500watt and under load draw 20Amps on a push bike this was tested with a bought controller by the person who gave us the motors.

    Once the motor is coupled to a push bike it runs once then will not run again

    ON checking it all ways takes out (destroys ) one or two drivers

    Thanks Keith

  6. Keith says:

    I may have put wrong email address over last 6 months etc

  7. Hi,

    please contact me as soon as possible.

    with best regards

    A. HAMID

  8. william gobbo says:

    Hi Iulian,
    I sent mail to you

    Please send me a feedback when you read it

    best regards

  9. Andrei Zmeu says:

    Am vrea sa aflu model de senzor hall CU ce numar ca sa pot procura si eu. Si un controler de care marca la volumul de 67 KW poti sami comunici

  10. Andrei Zmeu says:

    dotim un numar de contact prin telefon

  11. Catalin says:

    Ma intereseaza un controller pentru un motor cu perii (carbuni), maxim 80V/300A. Deasemenea, ma intereseaza si o pedala. Pot folosi una de la un BMW diesel (Throttle by wire) ?
    Preturi si termene de realizare/livrare.
    Va rog sa-mi trimiteti un nr de telefon pe email.

  12. Catalin says:

    Imi pare rau ca ai scos de pe site constructia motorului de 45kw. Poti sa repui postarile?

  13. Adrian C says:

    Salut, la comanda faci motoare de acest gen? Sunt interesat de un motor.

  14. mohammad hashemi says:

    dear iulian
    i have project in london UK and was very much interested in talking to yourself regarding some of your work and posible cooperation. pleas contact me

  15. Amigo Lulian, the 45 KW brushless motor, can serve me as an electric generator ?, with 220V output of 50 HZ and 60 HZ, as much as three-phase or moniphasic ?.
    This engine would run continuously for a long time, it would not heat up ?. How much battery you need to start, the idea is to generate your electricity and be autonomous.

  16. Salut domnu Iulian.
    Am văzut că faceți motoare brushless outrunner frumoase si cu eficiență bună. As vrea sa stiu daca construiți si motoare inrunner ? Deoarece eu produc edf rc in carbon si mar interesa motoare facute pe masura…. !

  17. kushal kholapurkar says:

    Hi Iulian,

    This is Kushal Kholapurkar from Nagpur India.

    We are working on electric two wheeler project.

    We need BLDC Motor Controller design with prototype for 72V, 3KW & 72V, 5KW system. Also we want to incorporate WIFI DIRECT module in drive to control from Mobile app.

    Also we need Battery charger design with prototype for Li ion battery bank of 72V, 48Ah.

    We Need Battery management System design with prototype for 72V, 48Ah.
    In this battery Bank we have 2 modules of 72V, 24Ah each inter connected.
    We are using SAMSUNG 18650 cells, 20 Series and 8 parallel configuration in each 72V, 24Ah module.

    We request you to kindly give us best possible quote for design transfer, prototypes and Technical support for the above mentioned project

    Awaiting your early reply,

    Thanks & With Best Regards,

    Kushal Kholapurkar
    Nagpur, Maharashtra, India
    +91-7798969911 (Whatsapp)

  18. Tony Blair says:

    Hi Iulian,

    Iv sent you an email about your motors very interested in what you have managed to build and interested to chat more about your projects.

  19. Tatva Desai says:

    I want to talk with you personally regarding Motor for Super Bike
    Pls can you give me your contact details or WhatsApp or mail so I can contact you for further talks
    Reply as soon as possible.

  20. prasanta kumar mohanty says:

    Pls can you give me your contact details or WhatsApp or mail so I can contact you for further talks
    Reply as soon as possible.

  21. t.r.a snc says:


    hi I would like information for this type of engines:
    are they single-phase or three-phase?
    how much current do they absorb?
    which counter serves kw?
    how many laps can they get?
    can they be connected to an incoder to follow the siri transmitted by another instrument?
    for the purchase of two engines which is the price?
    thank you

  22. Charles Woelfel says:

    Hi, I am building a VTOL and would like approximate weight info on your 35KW continuous, BLDC motor. It will need high quality axial bearings and sprocket . It will be used for power assistance to engine and one motor for back up power. Thank you

  23. Thilo Presser says:

    Hello Berca Iulian,

    i am intersted in your Brushless outrunner! Please contact me and send me your Phone number please.

    Best from Berlin Germany


  24. Gigi says:

    Îmi plac preocupările dumneavoastră. Mă interesează motorul de dronă.

  25. antonio says:

    good morning,

    I wrote it privately about a working partnership.
    thanks for your response !!!

  26. Sudhir Wandrekar says:

    I am electrical engineering graduate from COEP Pune and worked with GE USA in magnet manufacturing MN Then have set up Thick film Hybrid plant in Pune.Was running a Power Electronic factory.We successfully designed Power SMD on on CuAl PCB to manage heat to offer very reliable long life controller.
    I am a project consultant and can facilitate all aspects of project including financial and equity investment.
    If interested please email me and send me you contact details.
    Sudhir Wandrekar

  27. Hugo says:

    Combein de rpm pour le moteur 35kw que vous proposer
    Ou peux on se fournir un esc pour se moteur enfin un qui puise développer 200A

  28. Mahmut KİLCİ says:


  29. Michal says:


    I wrote an email about cooperation.
    Thank you for your response !!!

  30. BAN VIOREL says:


    Kit complet conversie pentru un BMW e46 sau e90, la ce pret ajunge ?

  31. Igor says:

    Hi, Iulian!
    I’m interested in buying this motor kit.
    Can you contact me to clarify the details.

  32. Scott says:

    Just a quick question:
    Have you considered building the 35kw brushless motor using halbach array?
    And in your controller, using snubber non disapative circuits to recover and use fly back wattage?

  33. bobby mcpherson says:

    how much in american dollars does the 35kw pmg cost me to have it built & shipped to my home in Independence, Virginia , because im definitely interested in your work

  34. Travis Spencer says:

    I wanted to know if you can make a 50kw brushless electric motor and how much would it cost ? Thank you very much for your informative youtube videos

  35. concepcion montes says:

    Hello, I live in mexico, iam going to converter a electri c car
    if you can to help me iam going to comunicate whit
    i speak spanish so need to practice the english
    congratulation for your job

  36. Ergo says:

    Hi, i would like to know how many turns do you have on the 45 kw motor per slot? Great website and awesome builds.

  37. Petro says:

    I have made some donation last year. Can you make two 10 Kw motors with drives? I can collect

  38. Mark Ravilious says:

    Hi Iulian,

    I sent you an email a few days ago – I’m developing a lightweight,low cost electric car and would like to ask if you are still working on motor design/development? I am impressed by your motors on youtube and would like to explore the possibility of a custom motor.

    Many thanks, Mark

  39. Rushi Sagare says:

    Hi sir,
    We need 6 Kw Bldc motor and 6 kw PMSM motor for Electric vehicle. Can you produce these small kw motors, if yes then can u send me a brochure of that motors.
    I sent u my email id and i am awaiting to your early reply.
    With best regards.

  40. Whats the price for your 45kw motors

  41. Mike says:

    Drop me a line via email about your motors.
    Quite interested in getting a price on a marine application/solution.

  42. Kate Zhao says:

    Hi sir,

    Good day.Hope everything going well there.
    This is Kate.Our company is the leading producer of shaft coupling for motors.
    May I know if you have any request for the couplings?
    If yes,please write to me: whatsapp:86-15069159203

    Warm Regards,

  43. Michael says:

    Hi berca,

    My name is Michael I sent you an email this morning with a message about the innovation I have designed regarding the marriage between brushed & brushless dc motors, I hope you have read this and will in your own time respond as it’s not only ground breaking but I’d also like you and your team to help get this prototyped with your names on the patents too, michaelm1312515@gmail.com +447979840314

  44. Ricky says:

    What’s the price for a 45 KW motor in a 72 kw motor
    And the ESC controller he built those also

    • bikram says:

      hello berca, i want a 5 kw generator for windmill. high eff, light wt, weather sealed. low rpm about 200 to 300 rpm , high torque, i would like to sit down with u and work out. thx.

  45. Gregorio Silva says:

    Good morning I’m a student in eng. electric and my graduation project and exactly a dc bus motor can send me more details of your project


  46. Mayur B. Shelar says:

    Dear Sir/Mam,

         Mayur here from Nasik, India, I’m pursuing my bachelor in Electrical Engineering ,as I’m having my last year project on BLDC motor and I watched your YouTube channel ,so in this concern I need to talk with you on WhatsApp or the way which you prefer. 

    My WhatsApp number is +918793844629

         Waiting for your response.

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  48. moh eissa says:

    if you willing to cooperate in the brush less motor please contact me
    mohamed eissa
    email :free66moh66@yahoo.com

  49. Peter Moll says:

    Hallo Iulian
    Astäzi cäutind un encoder pentru un Permanent Magnet Motor,am dat de siteul täu,si lam gäsit foarte interesant.
    Eu sint electrician ,si in Rominia am bobinat motare,dar din päcate nici unul cu encoder, si nici nam stiut ca este asa ceva.
    De 32 ani sint in germania ,si acum mam lovit de aceasta problemä.
    Am citit la tine ca tu faci si encoder pentru motoarele tale,si mam gindit sa te intreb ,poate stii oun siteu unde sa inteleg si eu cum si ce trebuie sa aleg un encoder pentru un motor.
    Cu Stima

  50. james khong says:

    Hello Julian, I had been following you for some time now. Great work! Have a small project, could you give the cost of each of your motor. looking for 48 VDC motor.

    best regards


  51. Travis Spencer says:

    Do U sell your brushless DC Motors and if so , How much would your 50kW motor cost?

  52. Theodoro says:

    Hi my name is Theodoro I’m 15, and I am interested in one electrical motor for one diy motorcycle I’m thinking in 40kw I would like to know how much would cost
    Please contact me in e mail

  53. TRAVIS S says:


  54. Lucas says:

    Estou montando uma empresa espacial privada no Brasil gostaria da sua parceria ?

  55. good article,good blog. it can help more people, it can help me, too.
    i like Berca Iulian

  56. thank you, i like your, i like yur article.
    it can help me
    you are great

  57. arrows hobby says:

    i like your article, it is very good, i like them

  58. Vladimir Burtovoy says:

    Hello Julian!
    I sent several requests to the email address listed above but received no response. Tell me how to contact you to implement a project to develop a brushless motor according to our requirements?
    My email: burtovoy84@mail.ru

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  63. oq says:

    Hi. I appreciate your article & m interested to know more about Low RPM BLDC – High efficiency electric generator motors. Shall appreciate if provided some brochures & Catalogs for referal studies. Waiting for the quick response.

  64. Ricky Goings says:

    Are you building and sell any of your motor and if so what’ the cost

  65. Eduardo Souza says:

    Hi Iulian,
    It is now March 2021 and i was wondering about the present status of your open source projects documentation’s availability. I hope the pandemic hasn’t affected you. Cheers from California.

  66. Phillip Engelbrecht says:

    Hi Iulian, would like to know when you are ready to go into production, would be interested in talking about a shared venture in South Africa.

  67. agen judi slot online terpercaya yang memberikan pelayanan terbaik kepada setiap membernya itu bisa anda temukan pada link diatas ya, daftar gratis kok !

  68. Steven George Garner says:

    I’m looking for a Motor designer. Please email me. I would like to discuss making a 6 Pole IPMSynRM
    It needs to generate 10,000 rpm at 48V and 200A

  69. Sunil K Srivastava says:


    Will you like to join hands with me on a Magnetic Battery product?


  70. Filipe says:


    Great job. I’m trying to reach for a motor project. Can you please contact me for discussing please?

    Many thanks.



  71. Hello,

    Wondering if you accepted guest posts on your site. Also would you be willing to insert links in existing posts?

    How much would you charge for this?


  72. Ilan says:


    I will glad to know more information about BLDC SCH for 50A.

    what is your phone and when to call?


  73. Ilan M says:


    I will glad to know more information about BLDC SCH for 50A.


  74. Hi I am interested in your concept..Do you need an engine ?? So what does your engine cost .And where can I buy ???

  75. savitri swathi says:

    sir,iam following your vedios .they are very interesting and informative.iam searching for bldc motor controller complete industrial circuit design for 48v,42amps,3000rpm.can you please provide the circuit.

  76. I want to build a 5 phase PMSM, can you please help me

  77. Kevin says:

    Hi Iulian

    First I must congratulate on your hard work and very succefull motor/ Controller project.
    I like in the UK and I’ve been interested on the subject of dynamic balancing.
    I like your methode and equipment used for balcing a motor rotor, do you thing this same settup can be used for balancing car turbo chargers ? I guess what im really asking is whether its sensitive enough to balance such a small assembly (approx 300Grams )

  78. Luis Alfredo says:

    you don’t have a lower capacity BLDC like 10kW running at 6000-9000rpm with permanent Magnet too.
    The company I’m working for could ve very interested in buying one

  79. Leonardo says:

    I design a custom experimental aircraft. For that, I need to make one or more brushless motor, to obtain 60 Hp, rpm

    I want to pay for your services.
    how much your advice would cost to help me to manufacture it from scratch ?

    The idea, is make myself all of the motor, but I have no time to search howto design and how to do.

    I don’t want to buy a ready made engine, I want to manufacture all the parts of the plane, including the engine.

    Thank in advance

  80. Cristian Iftode says:

    Mă interesează să achiziționez un motor, 100 KW, 55 KW continuu, pentru un aparat de zbor. Am celulă.
    Nu prea am încredere în aliexpres.
    Îl putem gândi , construi împreună. Contracost, evident.
    Măcar poți să mă îndrumi…:)
    Necesar a debutat 55 Kw la 2500- 2800 tot/min, nominal.
    greenblue910@protonmail.ch Cristi, Iasintown

  81. ONUR TUNCER says:

    Hello Mr. Iulian. I follow your work with great pleasure. I sincerely congratulate you. We will produce a direct drive separator motor prototype. Please research our company. Our company is HAUS centrifuge technologies. Can we send you our engine design that we have already made and do the production together? I wish you good work. Best regards.

  82. Alex Bottlang says:


    I tried to contact you offer your company site Joule Motors, but never got any feedback.

    Would be nice if you could contact me.

    I found your 130kw motor very interresting.

    best regards alex

  83. Anonymous says:

    Can you built a prototype from my own blue print?

  84. Hi Berca,

    Have been following your work on the internet for sometime now. I have a Mercedes 190e (2.3, 8v 5 speed manual) It used to be my dads car (has a 2.3 cosworth body kit and 17inch amg mono block wheels and for a while i wanted to Ev it. Would you be able to help supply me a kit for this ? I am open to suggestions on the spec. But it should be a fast daily driver with decent range 🙂 .

    I am also on a budget to so give me a few options/permutations/ combinations.

    A little about me, I am a rally driver for the last 20 years in India, I also build and manage motor-sport cars for a few teams.

    Looking forward to keeping in touch .


  85. Veysel Alpars says:

    I am a student from college in Turkey. My team and I will do a formula car for racing of student. We are thinking to use these electric motors 45kw. First, we want to learn that motor radius measurment and second do you want to be a sponsor for us. If you interested in about us we can share the details with e mail.
    My mail veyselalpars4145@gmail.com.
    Thank you.

  86. Tiberiu says:

    Hi Iulian,
    Are you thinking of getting your motor in manufacturing and selling it?
    Or you got other plans?
    Your reply would be much appreciated.
    Thank you
    Tiberiu Puscas

  87. Alexis says:

    Hello I am going to create my own car but we dont have an engine if you want you can participate to our project and be in the compagny just write me an e-mail if your are interrested

    • Ashith Prajwal says:

      Hello Iulian.
      It’s great seeing you work on motors that are affordable for common people, i have recently started my own startup in India which is building affordable electric light duty vehicles we looking for a powertain that would power our initial prototype but most of the motor specs we want are either only available for large OEMs and the ones in DIY community were very expensive for what they were offering. Your projects have been a really exciting find so i wanted to know if you are willing to work with us . If so i would be happy to talk to you with regards to this. Hope to hear from you soon

  88. Rajesh says:

    i like to buy this setup for my training institution . please send price .thanks.

  89. Muhammad says:

    Hello Berca Iulian,
    Very impressive indeed. I am planning to undertake an EV conversion on certain existing petrol cars; Toyota Corolla and Honda Civic. Need a motor and controller but has to be affordable. How about you provide me with a design / prototype of a BLDC motor plus controller of around 80/90 Kw rated at 4000 rpm. Want to replace the engine and put in a motor instead. We would compensate you suitably.
    I would love to hear from you.
    Muhammad Jawad
    00971 50 442 7313

  90. Franz says:

    (The sites are currently under construction)
    I am interested in buying 4 of your 35KW DC motors. I am designing and building a Quatro copter that will hoist a 20×20 m QR panel into the air. I want to control it in similar fashion like today the store-bought toy quarto copers are controlled – I would need your help in properly specking this out and the type of battery I will need.
    I have no problem considering you becoming a partner for profit-sharing.
    I like the fact that you are from the Netherland because I have only respect for your people.
    I hope we can start a discussion.

  91. Brian McCraw says:

    Hello Julian,
    My name is Brian McCraw, I have partnered with Tennessee Tech University for a device I believe will have significant impact on the maritime industry. A provisional has been filed and the patent is being worked on in conjunction with the university. We are going to begin working on a prototype. I have many choices in electric motors and generators, I am however impressed with the quality of your work and your passion. That said I would like to buy two of your motors for our prototype. and would love to get your input on all three phases of the plan going forward. let me know if you have interest. I will send you and NDA and the design. regardless I think you have done wonderful work. and I love the little guy. Quality is quality. have a good evening

    Brian McCraw
    615 612 8036 whatsapp

  92. Sungkyu says:

    I like to develop Motor/Generator (100 Kw).. I like to have a zoom meeting with you.

  93. Neil Rerup says:


    I’m impressed with your High Efficiency 35Kw BLDC outrunner Motor and was wondering if I could obtain the design information from you? Or, if you aren’t making the plans available, are you making those motors for sale?


  94. Hector Ruiz says:

    Hello Iulian!

    I wonder if you sell your AC PMSM motor and controller as a Kit. If you have a catalog with specs and prices it could be really nice to try your developments in a car conversion.

    What is your opinion about DC Series Wound Motors (DCSWM) for Electric Car conversions? Many 9″ or 11″ motors were used to convert vehicles world-wide over the past 2+ decades using several brands: General Electric, Advanced DC Motors (a.k.a A.M.D.), Kostov and NetGain. I still use some in a couple of cars. As you know: they offer no Regen and they have brushes to replace every 10 years or so, those motors have great torque, the industry seems to discard or kill their production forever and I wonder why. In terms of efficiency, they are below 90% line, somewhere above 85% vs most AC who are above 90%. But any ICE motor efficiency is around 25% only, so I don’t see a reason to send those DC motors to the books of motor history.

    What is the motor efficiency formula that you use by the way?

    What is your experience on DCPM brushed motors? I’m using one with regen in a VW.

    Have you developed SynR Motor? (Synchronous Reluctance) with or without internal Permanent Magnets.

    I’d love to get one of your kits. Thank you,


  95. Stefano Puscio says:

    Good morning

    I write from Italy, my name is Stefano Puscio I am an industrial expert with specialization in industrial mechanics.
    I am making an electric motobike. I would need to make a brusless electric motor different from the others. I would like to show you my project for a collaboration.
    Thank you

  96. Mick says:


    You can raise efficiency further by using bifilar windings for the stator coils and harvesting the back emf of the reverse windings diode isolated back into cap bank.

    Kind of like a 4 quadrant power supply.

    Beautiful work!

  97. Nikolaj says:

    Hallo Iulian,

    Ik heb uw site gelezen en de video op youtube bekeken. Ik heb een project en ik ben geïnteresseerd in samenwerking met u. Ik heb hulp nodig bij het berekenen van de stator van de motor van de LG-wasmachine om deze te versterken, de windingen te berekenen, ik zal neodymium magneten op de rotor plakken. Ik begrijp dat u de mogelijkheid heeft om werkzaamheden op een draaibank uit te voeren, klopt dat? Ik woon in Rotterdam.

    Met vriendelijke groet,


  98. vahid says:

    Hi, I want to design a BLDC MOTOR with the following specifications.
    Voltage: 48 volts
    Power: 1000 watts
    RPM: 20000
    How can you help me?

  99. PRADEEP says:


  100. Dear,

    I have industrial project to refurbish 40 Vehicules Tailor Dunn with electrical motor. and battery.. looking for partner to execute.
    Please give a whatsapp to discuss +973 32233327

  101. Hi Julian,

    We are a company from Slovenia that is developing a special application electromotor. We have a first prototype but is like you said in your presentation done in an old way and we are not happy with it. We would like to do something new and better that is why we need quite a lot of help. We also have problems with finding right inverter, live tests, test bench,…

    You can check our web page to see what we do and if you see a challenge please do not hesitate to contact me. All the details on the project and our philosophy will follow.

    Thank you

    best regards

  102. Ashley says:

    Respected, Sir and Madame.

    Just wanted to check in and see if everything is okay with our business relationship. Our recommended SmCo Magnet can help you generate more sales. Let me know if you have any questions or concerns.

    Also, I’d like to offer you free samples of our products. You deserve to give them a try.

    Thanks for your time. Looking forward to hearing back from you soon.

    Best Regards,

  103. Josef says:

    Hi Julian,
    I am searching a motor for conversion of an oldtimer to EV. A rough estimation gives me 500 Nm torque and 4500 rpm (of course I do not need 500 Nm at 4500 rpm). Does one of your motors fit?

    Best regards,


  104. Nicolas says:

    Hello Julian,

    I use a 72v esc controller for a samsung direct drive that I modified.
    Do you design ESCs with 230v dc 10amps voltage?
    Your engines look really great.
    I have a 100rpm workout to find.
    How long does it take to order one of your engines?
    Are there any smaller ones?
    Thank you very much.

  105. Stefan says:

    Hello Berca Julian,
    I found your site and your shop because I´m planning to build a serious displacement motor yacht about maybe 50-60 tons with an Hybrid propulsion system.
    I´m still not sure if I will go to serial or parallel hybrid. The serial hybrid need a motor for the whole range of build in energy – in my case from 0 kw to maybe 330 kw. A parallel hybrid only need an e engine for the low power use from 0 kW – max 50 kW.
    The point is the high cost of a powerful e-engine with high torque in full use and low noise. I have seen your e motors are running in high speed, but I need only max 800-1000 U/min and arround 1500 – 1600 Nm.
    I have seen your Videos and I´m impressed about the efficiency, the light weight and the good looking quality work. I´m not an electrician and have no idea if your engines are usable for my plans. maybe you can give me some infos.
    I´m still in the planning phase with my boat, the naval architect is still on beginning with the drawings and time is enough. I will build at a Netherlands shipyard (Maasbracht) and a ship electrical company is there who know what is to do.
    best regards Stefan