Joule Motors releases new controllers for aero applications based on vesc. Usage: Airplanes, drones, motorcycles.

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  • Specifications
  • Continuous power: 120kW*
  • Max power 150kW
  • Max Voltage: 430Vdc
  • Peak Current: 520A
  • Continuous output current: 380Arms
  • Max Efficiency >98%
  • Weight ~ 4,5kg
  • SD card black box for controller data analysis, via CAN dongle
  • Wi-fi telemetry via CAN dongle.
  • All settings can be user customized. Hardware and software can be also customized according to the client needs.
  • The controller is using high end Infineon power module making it one of the best efficiency on the market.
  • Communication: CANbus, serial, SPI, usb for proggraming, open source software based on VESC
  • Safety: double independent hardware over-current protection. Monitors all phase currents, DC bus voltage, 3 base IGBT temperature monitors. Short circuit protection with gate driver level DESAT protection implemented.
  • * With stock cooling it can sustain 120kW continuous, for higher power larger radiator is needed.