Our new motor uses in-house made parts, with best materials.
With the help of magnetic simulation software we achieved best efficiency for this class.
High temperature N35SH magnets where used.

Key points:

    • It can be used on electric airplanes, paraglide, large drones. It can be also used on cars or boats but with limited power, because of air not blowing on the windings.
    • Aviation grade Aluminum 7075
    • Dual winding for 120v and 240V (end user can change the coil connections).
    • Both delta and star connection possibility.
    • Tapered roller Koyo ball bearing for high radial-axial load (4800Kg), long life and stability.
    • High temperature high, coercively  magnets with 150 degree Celsius maximum
    • Triple coil insulation with lacquer impregnation and oven curing.
    • Motor voltage can be made in accordance with customer request.
    • 35 degree inclination spokes to push air into the coils.

Requests for quotations can be sent to iulian.berca@gmail.com.

Motor Specifications:

Power: 35Kw continuous, 60kw peak.
Nominal RPM: 2600.
Torque at 1200RPM 120Nm
Torque at 2670RPM 110Nm

Diameter 230mm
Total length: 95mm
Voltage 120 (parallel connection) or 240V series connection
Kv constant is 13 for 240v or 23 for 120v connection.
We can make any custom flange for the propeller or other mechanical connection.
Both bearings are whether sealed.
Bottom flange is 6xM6 on Ø82

Underneath you find the efficiency map of the motor.

Motor rendering: 

Some pictures of the motor

Video Test with the motor : 

  1. felix says:

    hi julian,
    just saw your 35kw motor. Again a great piece of work. congrats !!!
    Just one question: Which material type and thickness are you using for the stator laminations ?
    Is there any good material supplier in romania ? I can laser the stuff over here in germany…but transformer steel is hard to get over here for a prototype 🙂

    Thanks and greetings 🙂

  2. iulian berca says:

    In Romania there is a company who is making this laminations, and good grade.
    They only sell 1 Ton minimum.

    • Kazeem Mustapha says:

      How much is the 1 ton sells for and how much is the cost of total coils used?

    • Rod Lynch says:

      Hello, interested in your motor for hybrid backup in a light plane.
      See you stopped 3 years ago answer some silly questions.
      will save mine, perhaps communicate soon.

  3. What is the weigth o this motor?
    What is the price?

    • iulian says:


      • Scott says:

        Or you still making this motor? Plus, I admit I’m confused with the 110v vs 220v wiring configuration. You have 3 inputs and 3 outputs(which was, I thought, how you allowing delta/wye setup). But we’re does the 110v vs 220v series/parallel wiring come into play? This motor is battery and esc driven correct? Also, the specs don’t mention sensors but your video shows that it is has hall sensors, does it also have a temperature sensor? Also, how much for a prop hub to be made?

  4. Leonb66 says:

    Price ?

  5. iulian 207 says:

    motor weights 12kg price is 1500euro per pcs.

  6. VIVEK says:

    Hi Iulian, I am working on developing light weight electric vehicle with in-wheel motors. I would like to know if you can provide us with an outrunner motor modified to our dimensions. please connect with us if this could be of interest to you.
    Thanks and Regards,

  7. Jelle says:

    Hello Iulian,

    congratulations on building such a massive BLDC motor. My fellows student and myself could only stare in awe at your work. I had some questions about the motor drivers, are you using the same drivers as you were using in previous projects or did you make adjustments in the schematics?

  8. Tom says:

    The link you provided deos not show Direct Drive BLDC motors

  9. yusuf says:


    seems very efficient design.

    rotor back-iron looks like very thin, Does it saturate magnetically ?

    how do ypu prevent from saturation,


    • iulian207 says:

      Only looks, but is 6m thick where are the magnets, the bottom part is much thinner to reduce the weight.


  10. Adrian says:

    Hello Iulian,

    I am Working with the Caltech Formula SAE electric team on developing an AWD vehical with in hub motors, the power level would be lower, 35KW peak, 15KW continus, please let me know if you would be interested.

    Very Respectfully,
    Adrian Costantino

    • iulian207 says:


      I can make for you a custom motor design.


      • Anthony Valentino says:

        Hello Julian, Please let me know what is the higher voltage you can design a motor? And what is the name of the software you use to design motors.
        I need 1200 motors of 200 kw and the maximum Nm as possible, as well as very light weight. Can you design for me and how much would you ask for your work?.

        Thanks. use my email please.

  11. Celso says:

    Hello Iulian,

    I am working with the electric team on developing UAV vehical with motors, the power level would be, 100KW peak, 50KW continuous, please let me know if you would be interested.

    Very Respectfully,

  12. Erick Robayo says:


    I need a generator of 50KW, how much is the cost?, what else I need to install an electric system in my home? I need run 30 computers that need 1.4 Kw each one. can you help me please?

  13. Lehel Szabo says:


    Se poate folosi ca si generator? (fara controller, doar cu diode legate la fire)

  14. minkee says:


    I’m having a project to make a electronic vehicle

    So I really enjoy your website that there are lots of useful data

    but I could not find any data about relationship between horse power, wiring and magnet

    I’m trying to make 4 in wheel motor that has 10Hp but I couldn’t find any formula

    Could you give me any tips for it?

  15. 이문락 says:

    나는 대한민국 경북 경주시에 있는 넥스텍주식회사 CEO moonrak Lee
    나는 새로운 풍력발전기를 개발하고자 한다. 그래서 당신이 개발한 제네레이터에 관심이많다. 필요한 자료를 보내줄수있는가?
    지금은 소형을 개발한다. 출력 3KW, 5KW. 10KW
    차후 중대형으로 개발하고저 한다. 35KW. 100KW, 500KW, 1000KW
    당신과 파터너가 되고 싶다.

  16. Fred Morris says:

    Hi could you provide me with a test sample quote please. Please reply by email directly.
    Many thanks

  17. Neelanjan says:

    Bro please help me by providing some suggestions for lifting me off the ground … I mean I wanna make a quad copter or an octacopter like the scorpion hoverbike ….. I just don’t have enough money but I think I have the nesessary things to make my own bldc T motor for my drones to lift me up …. Pls help me ….

  18. S PRAMOD says:

    Hello Mr. Berca Iulian,

    I am s pramod from India.

    It was good to watch your motors on youtube.

    We are developing UAS (Drones) for agriculture and we need good efficient motors for the same.

    We need 20000w (20kw) BLDC motors with very good heat sustainability (similar to KDE Direct – KDE10218XF-105

    Our propeller size is between 50 to 63 inches and X-8 configuration to carry the max load of 350 kgs (including the weight of the quad).

    Kindly share the specifications with us, if you can provide us. We would like to impanel you as the regular supplier.

    Look forward to your revert.

    S Pramod

  19. Milton Quranda says:

    Hi Iulian,

    Its great to see how efficient and great the motor is. I am working on a protoype for our company and looking for a motor for our electric motorcycle here in the USA.

    I assume the motor comes with a controller. How much time would it take for you to deliver if i give you an order for the motor and controller?

    If it works well for our application i can place an order of a 1000 units with you. We would need a customized controller as well.

    Can you provide me with a delivery estimate and total cost with shipping to United States?

    You can get in touch with me at the provided email address or I can share my phone number and we can discuss on the phone.


  20. Erick says:

    Hi julian i have a question, which magnetic simulation software did you used ?

  21. Giovanni says:

    Hello Julian,

    you are doing a great job!!!

    Just a question:

    I saw that the cost of the sheets is very high: 1500 euros for one motor…
    Is it possible to make a coreless motor?
    If not, why?

    Thank you

  22. Jorge Flores says:

    Please do one for ebikes, 10 kw to 5 kw that would be great. Thanks.

  23. Hi have you any plan to do liquid cooling for EV?

  24. GRIGORYAN says:

    Hi Iulian,

    We are two students from France working on a electric trial bike project. We are interested by your 35kw bldc motor. Can you please provide us these parameters:
    – Weight of the motor.
    -rate (rpm) curve as a function of the torque (N.m)
    Thank you very much !

  25. Paul Clayson says:

    This seems very similar, in performance, to the Goldenmotor 20Kw BLDC motor.
    How does one order your motor?

  26. Dmitry says:

    Hello! Is it possible to use this motor like electric generator, rotating with help of gasoline engine? Will be received this power (35kWt continuos, 60kWt peak)?

  27. Dhruv Shah says:

    Hi, I am a part of a formula student team. we are looking forward to making a formula race car which is electrically powered. we would like to use the motor. if you can email me the datasheet it would be very helpful. email id – shahdhruv77@gmail.com.

  28. A.hasan says:

    I am working ev please give me some data.
    Call or email +918777759472/aron.yes@gmail.com.

  29. Valeriy says:

    Looking for way to do 15kw+ continuous 48V generator with minimal mass.
    May be use as donor something like 154dia 70thickness chinese motors. Can you help with efecient rectifier?

  30. Brian Stott says:

    Would you have a design of 100KW to 110LW pancake style?
    If yes, what is dimension, weight and cost?

    Thanks – Brian.

  31. Rafael says:


    Can you send me a quote for manufacture a 2 pcs, High Efficiency 35Kw BLDC outrunner Motor.

    Best regard

  32. Mario Gancinia says:


    I just watch the video you put out in youtube. I am interested to purchase on this 35KW brushless motor with the controller. Can you please send me a quote? I live in the US.


  33. Timothy f lesch says:

    Wieght of unit please

  34. Howard Feeler says:

    Please quote 35 KW motor and controller.

  35. Marius Jäger says:


    Please quote 35 KW motor and controller.

    Best regards
    Marius Jäger