In the last 6 months i`m working at my electric car conversion. The car was in good shape and was a good candidate for the conversion. 
After i found a place where to work to the car (a garage) i took out the ICE and i begun to measure all the interior spaces to see if the motor will fit.
Today (27.07.2013) i did the first test on the electric motor to see if the motor fits ok inside and join well the gear box. 




After i removed the engine i start taking measurements for creating  the mounting plates.




The car with the engine removed. Now i have space to work.



This motor is a Permanent Magnet Dc motor with 100Nm and 1900RPM total power will be limited to ~ 20Kw depending on how i will manage to remove the heat from the  motor.

  I also received the Batteries:
  Model : A123 Systems.
  Capacity : 20Ah
  Nominal voltage 3.3v
  Continuos Discarge 600A
  Puls discharge 1200A
  Total number of cells in series : 72

 As the DC motor Controllers are to expensive for my budget, and i have  experience in electronics i designed my own pwm controller using Eagle  Cad program.

Specs: Max voltage: 400V
            Max current: 200A
Adjustable current limitation feature,
Undervoltage lockout, thermal shut down, curent sense.




New 30 A123 Systems cells arrived.

The mounting plate for 24 cells in series

1234_cr4The schematic and PCB where designed in Eagle cad.

electric car PWM controller




This is the power module formed by 10 mosfets 500V 32A in parralel.

Now new Toyota Prius first generation IGBT module arrived from ebay.

Toyota Prius invertor igbt module


The internal schematic, Each igbt inside has 27nF gate capacitance.

toyota prius  invertor

Opel agila electric

electric car conversion